Mike Radio is a  AM radio station from the Netherlands (Veluwe). 

Operating irregular in medium wave or short wave band.  Mike Radio plays often golden oldies from the 60’s,70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Favourite radio frequencies on medium wave band are 1611 (@day)  or 1616 kHz (@ night) and worldwide on short wave band  3920 or 6275 kHz.

          “Mike Radio uit de Veluwe”   


MF/HF transmitter: Telefunken S2525/3

  • shortwave TX : 1 kW++ PEP
  • covers 1.5 – 30 Mhz,
  • all mode:  AM, LSB, USB, FM, CW, RTTY.
















The  mediumwave TX  is running;   Eimac 4CX3000 (5kW PEP @ 6000 volts)



Antenna park:
Shortwave HF      :   2 x 15½ mtr  open dipole  (G5RV complete ladderline fed)

Mediumwave MF:  inverted L*  (designed  for  185 meterband)

* About 1 km+ of  copperwire is part of the ground system.  The ground system supports vertical waves for daylight broadcast + horizontal waves for night broadcast (NVIS).    










The ‘inverted L antenna’  for medium wave band broadcast.


Audio-processor:   BW Broadcast DSPX – AM


AM broadcast audio processor  (the soul of the station-sound)


Accurate  audio control on negative  & possitive  modulation peaks  MF / HF



Studio (impression)