Mike Radio is a  LP – AM  shortwave radio station with  broadcasts to Europe. 

Note: the programs are not influenced by religion, politics or commercial activities. The programs are mainly informative,  interspersed  with music. Technical (broadcast) development and research  are an important part of the station identity.



Depending on availability according to the HFCC-registry,  broadcasts are possible in one of the following frequency ranges:

 185/200 meter       medium wave band       range      1512    –   1620  kHz

 75           meter          short wave band          range      3900    –   3940  kHz

 60           meter          short wave band          range      4835    –   4920  kHz       

 50           meter         short wave band           range      5800    –   5840  kHz         


Mike Radio plays golden oldies  from  the last  5 decades.

Reception reports are most welcome!  In the report book,  the red button ‘write a new entry’  is available for adding your report.  Theree is a changed QSL policy: only entries in the report book are rewarded with an E -QSL card.

Mike Radio studio is located  @  the Tonnenberg / Veluwe.