Mike Radio is a  AM radio station from the Netherlands (Veluwe). 

Operating irregular in medium wave or short wave band.  Mike Radio plays often golden oldies from the 60’s,70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Favourite radio frequencies on medium wave are 1611 & 1617 kHz and on short wave 3920 kHz.


          “Mike Radio uit de Veluwe”   


  MF/HF transmitter: Telefunken S2525/3:

  • solid-state; full transistor technology (except  final stage YL-1510 – shortwave 1 kW+ PEP)
  • covers 1.5 – 30 Mhz, synthesized,10 Hz resolution









The amplifier mediumwave is running                  Eimac 4CX3000  (5kW PEP @ 6000 volts)


Antenna park:
Shortwave HF    :   2 x 15½ mtr  open dipole  (G5RV complete ladderline fed)

Mediumwave MF:  inverted L* (design 185 meterband)

* About 1 km+ of  copperwire is part of the ground system.  The ground system supports vertical waves for daylight broadcast + horizontal waves for night broadcast (NVIS).    


The ‘inverted L antenna’  for medium wave band broadcast.




AM broadcast audio processing (the soul of the station-sound)



Studio (impression)










Some audio recordings made by listeners:

Reception video of Mike Radio made in United Kingdom,  frequency 1620 AM mediumwave:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIXCS7Sb VtQ


Recording  made on  28 december 2017, by  ‘daylight’ at 14.30 CET,  frequency  1620 AM,  near Gothenburg in Sweden by  Staffan Crona:



Long audio recording -18 min.- from  Al in Punxsutawney  in Pennsylvania  USA   reception on frequency:  3920 AM,  date: 09 Feb 2019  and time: 1640 to 1720 UTCReceiver: Degen DE-1103 (portable-radio).  Audio clear- and loudness seems to be  important on long distance transmission.

Dan in Potomac, Maryland (USA): “Mike is back! 3920 booming in. Huge signal from Mike”.


Recorded in the USA from the portable radio Degen DE 1103.


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