Mike Radio is broadcasting in shortwave band, to western Europe.     

Mike Radio is a (AM) radio station from the Netherlands (Veluwe).

Steeds meer landen schakelen hun middengolf- en kortegolf omroepzenders af,  omdat internet en dab+  frequenties goede alternatieven bieden. Hierdoor ontstaat ruimte voor alternatieve radio vormen.  Mike Radio zendt uit op internationaal afgestemde frequenties en tijdsloten in de kortegolf omroepband.

Mike Radio broadcasts on international coordinated frequencies and time slots in short wave band; broadcasts are possible during (current planning): http://www.hfcc.org/data/schedbybrc.php?seas=A20&broadc=MIK

Mike Radio plays golden oldies  from  the last  5 decades. If you receive Mike Radio,  you are invited to write a reception report. See contact possibilties under  ‘contact’ in the menu.   The administration will return an E-QSL by mail!

Een ontvangstberichtje wordt gewaardeerd en kun je insturen via ‘contact’ in het menu.  Een E-QSL ontvang je dan -per mail- retour.  Onder ‘contact’ is tevens het telefoonnummer zichtbaar voor bellen/sms-en/ whats app –uitsluitend- tijdens de uitzending!


Transmitter for short wave band (HF) broadcasting:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      DDS/mosfet driver  +  4CX3000A Eimac in final stage,  class A/B modulator.


Antenna for short wave band broadcasting:  cross dipole.  



Horizontal airwaves,  for broadcasting  by skywave* to  western Europe.





Audio control system for  AM broadcasting:

Audio-processor:   BW Broadcast DSPX – AM


AM broadcast audio processor  (the soul of the station-sound)


Accurate  audio control on negative  & possitive  modulation peaks .

Mike Radio engineers are frequently  experimenting   to optimize  broadcast quality!


Mike Radio is broadcasting from the Veluwe/ the Netherlands.

Mike Radio is official member of  HFCC.

The HFCC is a sector member of the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva in the category of international and regional organisations. It manages, and co-ordinates global databases of international shortwave broadcasting in keeping with International Radio Regulations of the ITU.