Some selected Off-air audio and video recordings, sent by listeners:



Mike Radio ontvangen op de autoradio door Hendrik. Locatie: Botlekbrug bij Rotterdam.  Frequentie:  middengolf 1611 AM.

Dank voor  de video-opname!


Audio file made by Helmut in Herbolzheim / Schwarzwald (SW) Germany from his receiver JRC NRD 545D SP + ALA1530LN loop antenna,  Mike Radio on 6300 Khz @ March 30, 2024:


Heard  Mike Radio test transmission on 1431 kHz with a fantastic signal at 17.43 UTC on October 18, 2023. Almost a local station, listening  with my own receiver in Oslo, Norway.  I heard your station the first time on medium wave.

Audio TX:   2 x 4,5 kHz wide

I have attached a 50-second mp3 audio recording and would be happy if you could verify my report with an e-QSL. Your style of music was enjoyed very much! Best regards,    Reidar Bo

Adm:  Reidar, thanks for your nice audio-report from Oslo Norway and  QSL has been sent.  

Short  file made by John Fisher in New Foundland Canada. Date 14th of november 2021 @  0734 to 0748 UTC Frequency : 5800 kHz SINPO : 54444  (site in Newfoundland ):

Nice video made by Ron -‘bike-dx-er’ outdoors near Edinburgh, Scotland  @ summer night  in june 2021, link:   klik hier-)

Recording made on 28 december 2017, @ ‘daylight’ at 14.30 CET, test frequency 1620 AM, near Gothenburg in Sweden by Staffan Crona:

Long audio recording;  about  16 min. from Al in Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania USA, astonishing good reception on frequency: 3920 AM short wave band, date: 09 Feb 2019 and time: 16.40 to 17.20 UTC . Recording made from own portable radio: Degen DE-1103.  Audio clear- and loudness seems to be important on long distance transmissions.  TX: Telefunken 2525/3.


Recorded in the USA from the portable radio Degen DE 1103, very popular radio among  shortwave listeners outdoors.



Audio (reception) report from Chris in Stoneham MA in the USA. 
Receiver: Eton E1 (extern antenna: G5RV Dipole)

Recording made by Chris from an experimental transmission on 6295 kHz  / mode: USB (!)


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