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Reception video of Mike Radio made in United Kingdom, frequency 1620 AM mediumwave. Link:


Recording made on 28 december 2017, by ‘daylight’ at 14.30 CET, frequency 1620 AM, near Gothenburg in Sweden by Staffan Crona:



Long audio recording -18 min.- from Al in Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania USA reception on frequency: 3920 AM, date: 09 Feb 2019 and time: 1640 to 1720 UTC . Receiver: Degen DE-1103 (portable-radio).  Audio clear- and loudness seems to be important on long distance transmission.

Recorded in the USA from the portable radio Degen DE 1103, very popular radio among  shortwave listeners outdoors.


This audio report is made by Alex Myadel in Minsk from the Repubic of Belarus. Reception on frequency 3920 AM, date: 20 september 2019, time: 18.00 to 18.11 UTC . Also recorded from the receiver: Degen DE-1103!



Here Mike Radio 3920 received  100 km north of Helsinki / Finland on the 10th of  october 2019,  around 19.19 UTC;  ” Mike Radio  in USB booming in…”