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Audio files  Mike Radio,  send by listeners:

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Reception of Mike Radio in Finland on 1512 AM medium wave band,   easter sunday morning     ( 12 04 2020 ), @ 08.06 (cet) dutch time.  Recorded by Jim Solatie in Bromarv – Finland:

Bij full daylight  link:


Reception video of Mike Radio made in United Kingdom, frequency 1620 AM mediumwave.          Link: 


Recording made on 28 december 2017, by ‘daylight’ at 14.30 CET, frequency 1620 AM, near Gothenburg in Sweden by Staffan Crona:



NEW  Video made outdoors at the coast of  Edinburgh / Scotland from portable radio.  Reception on 13 may 2020  @ twilight by ‘Bike DXer’ on youtube.  Frequency  3940 AM.



Long audio recording;  about  16 min. from Al in Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania USA reception on frequency: 3920 AM short wave band, date: 09 Feb 2019 and time: 16.40 to 17.20 UTC . Receiver: Degen DE-1103 (portable-radio).  Audio clear- and loudness seems to be important on long distance transmissions:


Recorded in the USA from the portable radio Degen DE 1103, very popular radio among  shortwave listeners outdoors.




‘Old’ 16 min. recording,  TX: Telefunken S2525/3, made in the  North of the Netherlands  on sunday 19 march 2017 frequency 5020 kHz AM        Link:


Virtual DJ: pc music mix tool used by  Mike Radio