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Marcel from Nürnberg  Germany -listening Mike R on  1431 kHz (JRC NRD 545-DSP). 


October 2023;  Mike Radio heard in Parkalompolo  (Northern Sweden) even north of the  Artic circle, by Jan (swedish dx-er from Umea)  on  1431 AM  (medium wave band).

“receiver is an Elad FDM-SW2, software defined + long wire”




Iwan: “I receive you in St. Petersburg (Russia) on 3940 kHz.  My assistants are the Icom R75  and portable Tecsun PL880.  Antenna is an active Mini Whip, suspended  height on 4m”.

Hugo from Veurne – België , thanks MR for QSL (Photo from his shack)  








Diego Cerri from Boca (region Piedmont) in Italy:  “My receiver is an old tube set made by the Italian factory Phonola, reception frequency is in the 49m band,  shortwave AM.  I can’t be more precise because I used this old tube set from early 50’s”.

Thomas from Winterthur Switzerland:  “Listening on my Lowe HF-150 with a Wellbrook ALA-1530 placed on the balcony”. 



Dmitry from Saratov in Russia:  Sometimes a loud and almost clean signal. Very frequent and strong signal fading on 5840 kHz”.

Davide  listening in Castelnovo di sotto  near Parma, Northern Italy,  on 5840 khz.


Rafael in Barcelona -Spain heard Mike Radio on a september evening at 19.00 CET,  with a portable multiband receiver and its telescopic whip antenna in a noise free zone.  Receiver: Grundig G3 Globe Traveler.                                                                                                                                              This transmission was  on 6950 kHz in USB!   (TX Telefunken S2525/3 – 1 kW)