Broadcast technic: 

HF band conditons:


Transmitter for short wave band (HF) broadcasting:    (coverage 1.5 – 15 Mhz)                  DDS/mosfet driver  +   4CX3000A  Eimac  in final stage.








High voltage power tube (6 kV)


  • Dipole antenna  for broadcasting:  

half wave dipole:  L =  20 mtr    

  • Inverted L antenna for broadcasting : 

                                                part of the  Inverted L  antenna  (50 meters lenght)


Audio control system for  AM broadcasting: 

Audio-processor:   BW Broadcast DSPX – AM

AM broadcast audioprocessor

“the  soul of the station sound”



Accurate  audio control on negative  & possitive  modulation peaks .

               Mike Radio engineers are frequently  experimenting  for high quality  audio broadcast.