HELP!!   Mike radio is looking for the modulator MD 7292  of the Telefuken S2525/3 Who can help??                      

Working but also in defective  condition  is welcome.  Any idea? Please let us know!     mail to:    THANKS in advange!!!


Mike Radio  5835 AM on  12 -12-2021  afternoon.  Picture from Hans in Duisburg -Germany. Good sound quality is made visible on the screenshot.


Transmitters for broadcasting AM     

Classic transmitters:   Rohde & Schwarz SK050 (0,5 kW)   &   Telefunken S2525/3  (1 kW)


  • Dipole antenna  for shortwave broadcasting:  


  open line fed.   



Yagi  antenna for   shortwave broadcasting Prime target is  east part of Europe.   (image is for example)


  • Inverted L antenna for mediumwave broadcasting :                                                                          (based on the Veronica 192 antenna)

                                               Inverted L  antenna (+  ground field 2000 m2)



Audio line for broadcasting  AM:  

Audio-processor:   BW Broadcast DSPX – AM    for the best radio audio performance

AM broadcast audioprocessor

“the  soul of the station sound”



   world wide studio connection to TX site


Accurate  audio control on negative  & possitive  modulation peaks .

     Mike Radio engineers are frequently  experimenting  to obtain the ultimate  AM sound.


SDR audio picture: to make audio visible. Made by  Nicolas living near Paris (France) using  ‘Airspy HF’,   freq.  4895 kHz,  on 8th april 2021 around 18.30 UTC (= 20.30 CET local time).


Here below you can hear the audiofile from Nicolas that belongs ‘to the picture’ above:

This is the average reception quality @ the afternoon/evening,  which can be expected on 60 meter broadcast band, at a distance like Paris, London, Berlin and  Copenhagen.